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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What Love is...

They say it is beautiful,
it is the 7th seventh heaven,the 9th cloud,the great
miracle and off course the paradise of a fool.
Yes, I found it all out but I dont
think I am a fool,
It was when I started knowing her
and started admiring her beauty
so ethereal,
her mystic charm,her intense eyes,her loving
which is a dream,yet so
The left brain says hey fool you are in
love but the right one says you cant be a
fool 'cuz u r writing poetry
so full of love.
This love is an amazing thing
giving an emotional ecstatic zing
I want to be classy without being sassy
writing a poetry not so quasi
like Anne Frank writing her diary
under the nazi .
Oh God,I forgot to mention the girl
because the whirlwind of love is
making me swirl
like a storm in the month of november
which bestowed goodness and romance
making me remember
that I have to love her forever.


Blogger Vinitha said...

its really a gud one!!!!!!!

12:31 AM  

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